Raf Simons AW02 “Virginia Creeper” Digicamo Balaclava

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Raf Simons balaclava from one of his most famous collections – AW02 “Virginia creeper”.
The main theme of this collection is the duality of nature – both soothing and cruel, something not totally conquered by mankind. The forceful beauty of nature continues to fascinate us the same way it did our previous generations, even after centuries of industrial progress. This is portrayed in the poisonous weed – the Canadian Virginia Creeper – a wonderful sight to the eye, which at the same time cannot be touched nor eaten. All of the colors Raf Simons uses are derived from natural themes – forest browns, nightly blacks, leafy greens, snowy whites. In contrast to this, there is a very technical side to the entire collection. Just like nature has been intruded by man, the garments are also at a constant battle with throwaway plastic, garbage bags, and other anti-nature materials such as nylon, fake leather, rubber, industrial gauzes, waxed cotton, and other plastics. 

This balaclava with snowy digital camo has been featured on the runaway. Very practical and cozy during winter times. Made in Belgium

One size