Carol Christian Poell AW03 Spiral-seam Bone Turtleneck

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TM/1866 BONE/3

Carol Christian Poell turtleneck from his AW2003 collection “Protection in Space”, described below. In a bone colorway, the sweater is made from interestingly structured cotton fabric. The whole garment is done in a classic CCP spiral seam.

Size 44, fits narrow

“The theme here was “Protection in Space” with the focus on the temporal existence of body and clothes. Poell expressed hisidiosynractic worldview through a creation process that ruined an existing item in order to create another with entirely different properties.”
Carol Christian Poell’s ’03-04A/W collection had “structure analysis” as its concept, explaining the traditional methods, its materials and production method from his own perspective. Out of all, the PVC material item started off with man-made materials through machinery and processes to end up in a croquette sweater. By sewing this material together, the temperature is kept constant and allows air to circulate. Originally, PVC was invented to have it used in places such as sterilized rooms. Keeping the room temperature and being able to communicate with the outside through a transparent surface, keeps them intact. Therefore the “temporary protection” exists. Inspired by this idea, when people visit his atelier in Milan and see the items from behind where it hanged, the captured image will be transported to changing rooms (where privacy is respected) as an experimental live performance. This live performance portrays our actions in a shared space when it is done unconsciously, such as the atelier.”